A co-investment partnership

By taking a ‘seed and lead’ approach, our principals invest alongside our clients. Through all our investments, we believe that investing our own money shows conviction in delivering success. Our aims are always aligned with those of our clients.

An independent view

We don’t take a house view on markets. We promote independent thought and an entrepreneurial spirit in each of our teams. This helps build independent expertise in each team, who invest for longer-term factors impacting their respective markets. 

This entrepreneurial approach creates an environment where each team can build on individual experience and collective strengths to serve clients and deliver the returns they need. The views of our investment professionals are based on rigorous analysis of economic, market and political cycles and specific drivers of assets. 

An innovative and collaborative approach to managing capital drives all our investments. It couples quality internal analysis with independent research. This helps us identify and manage the trends impacting asset classes and portfolio allocation.

Privately held, patiently flourishing

Being privately owned allows us the freedom of a longer-term approach, in both investments and relationships. Focusing on long-term innovation and growth, patience is the key, not short-termism.