We are Floreat

We are an independent and privately owned investment group. Founded in 2006, for the need to preserve, protect and grow our own capital, we recognised the potential of new and alternative investment ideas to secure consistent returns.

Privately held, patiently flourishing

As a business, we value our distinctiveness and autonomy. It gives us the freedom to deliver the very best for our clients. Though we are known for investing in alternative and real assets, we also offer more traditional assets, such as equities. A progressive mindset on experienced shoulders, we continue to explore co-investment opportunities with clients to meet our shared objectives.

A co-investment partnership

We are methodical and thoroughly entrepreneurial, partnering with those whose values we share, aligning our collective interests and aims. We allow our track record to speak for itself, attracting clients with our creativity in securing investment returns.

Key numbers

Investment strategies
Founded in
As of 31 January 2019. Floreat was first based in Switzerland. UK operations began in 2008 (Denos Partners) and was rebranded to Floreat in 2013.