Philanthropy: beyond the act of giving

Head of Private Offices, James Wilcox, is highly involved in Philanthropy. Both in terms of our clients’ philanthropic endeavours and serves on the boards of a number of charities, he is also actively involved with his local church. 

In a recent interview, James shared his thoughts on this specialised area.

James delved into key aspects of philanthropy during a recent interview with industry peers PKF. Emphasising the significance of focused giving, recommending a focused approach giving to select few charities for impactful outcomes. He highlighted the essential role of family engagement in defining missions and structuring support through either existing charitable avenues or personalised foundations.

When people talk these days about philanthropy and impact, the thing that they want to measure is the sustainability of their impacts

James Wilcox

Throughout the discussion, James underlined the importance of establishing clear frameworks to ensure accountability and assess impact, to drive meaningful change, and the significance of structured philanthropy aligned with family values and societal needs. He addressed the evolving landscape of philanthropy, particularly in light of global challenges such as COVID-19, where mental health, food security, and education have taken precedence. 

You can read the full interview here.

At Floreat, we recognise the unique needs and personal journeys of our clients, particularly in their philanthropic ventures. Our leadership — CEO Mutaz Otaibi, Head of Merchant Banking and Private Clients Hussam Otaibi, and Head of Private Offices James Wilcox — are committed to partnering with clients to achieve their goals and create lasting legacies.

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