Redefining financial partnerships

Our merchant banking services help redefine financial partnerships for businesses. We offer specialised solutions which include strategic advisory, capital raising and expert risk management.

As your financial ally, we guide you through intricate transactions, mergers, and acquisitions, leveraging our insights to optimise your financial structure.

Our commitment extends to supporting businesses throughout their entire lifecycle, from raising initial capital to navigating complex financial transactions and managing ongoing financial strategies.  

Our experienced professionals offer comprehensive financial counsel, analysing market conditions, economic trends, and industry dynamics to provide actionable advice.

We aim is to provide specialised expertise and tailored solutions that enhance the financial well-being and growth of client enterprises.

Key services provided by our merchant banking division:

      • Acquiring off-market assets
      • Managing sales of strategic family assets privately
      • Arranging private debt
      • Providing banking solutions
      • A solution provider to complex family conglomerates
      • Treasury service for complex family conglomerates
      • Solution to complex family assets disposal
      • Sourcing private transactions
      • Connecting to our global network of families
      • Complex project management
      • Private acquisition and sale treaty of luxury items (art, limited edition cars etc.).