Aviation finance

As investors look to diversify away from traditional bonds and equities, innovative real-asset structures – such as those backed by commercial aircraft – are helping meet their demands. These investments can offer long term, contracted revenues. Airlines lease the aircraft – typically Boeing or Airbus planes – for a period of around 7-12 years.

We have structured and invested in these long term, income-producing investments. Our award-winning* structure is a Luxembourg listed, tradable security with underlying aircraft portfolio that are managed by best-in-class technical asset specialist throughout their respective operating leases.

With a low correlation to traditional assets, aircraft leasing can offer risk diversification and appealing risk-adjusted returns. The asset class has shown to be resilient through the economic cycle and post-COVID growth in the sector looks set to continue – driven by increasing demand for air travel (particularly in the emerging world) and aircraft fleet growth.

*Global Transport Finance ‘Aviation ABS deal of the year, EMEA’ 2016