An independent view

We don't generally take a house view on markets; we look to foster independent thought and entrepreneurial spirit within each team. This approach helps cultivate expertise tailored to the unique requirements and objectives of our clients', allowing teams to invest with a focus on longer-term market factors.

Client-centric approach

Collaborating closely with clients, we tailor investment programmes to align with their risk tolerance and financial goals. 

The views of our experienced investment professionals are based on a number of factors including economic cycles, market trends, and political dynamics. 

Our innovative and collaborative capital management approach integrates internal analysis and independent research to identify and navigate trends impacting asset classes and portfolio allocation.

Investment capabilities

We offer two investment strategies to help families meet the conflicting challenge of how to generate asset growth amidst economic uncertainty.

These solutions aim to deliver targeted returns commensurate with each client’s risk profile.

Public equities

We specialise in creating value for families in the public market; we typically take a long-term approach to investing in global equities...

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Principal investing

We draw on our entrepreneurial roots to source, analyse and execute private equity opportunities.

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We also offer full access to the group’s services spanning investments, real estate, alternative investments and private equity.   Find out more